Connection At Passy


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  1. 1 jay dedman

    I love when you break down these moments.

  2. 2 Nadine Manzagol

    Superbe ! Sa sobriété plastique donne une grande force à cette oeuvre

  3. 3 Loiez

    Perfect as usual .. We want more !!!!!

  4. 4 zablo

    Next tango in Paris… the station is few steps from the main flat used in the Last Tango… 37 years later, times are changing and I love this next one !

  5. 5 kath

    amazing - you find the moments wherever you are!

  6. 6 maia simoni

    un plaisir de temps..Qui est l’auteur?

  7. 7 sam

    connexion a passy:
    a travers,
    souligné, en passant, carrelé,
    plastifié mais vivant,
    vibrant, éclairé
    et surtout:
    en douce, presque au scalpel, bénévole
    un petit traité de désinvolture
    en somme

  8. 8 Krystian

    Beautiful, i loved it. Thanks!

  9. 9 rob parrish

    Hey there,

    I just sat through the most idiotic meeting . . . you provided brain balm — Thanks!

    Here is D.C., folks would not have stood almost directly across from each other on the train platforms. Even with the tracks in between that would be a space invasion. So, with my odd D.C. programing, the video made me a bit uncomfortable . . . I’m thinking “why doesn’t one of them move off . . . what is this a duel!” So, yes, clearly, we’re crazy here.


  10. 10 michael szpakowski

    Exquisite in all respects. Only someone who makes work as finely wrought, to such powerful effect, could have got away with that music. A masterclass.

  11. 11 Dave H.

    Some fantastic moments in there. You never disappoint!

  12. 12 Cheryl

    how did I miss this video? was it not in my feed? do I need to refresh my feed? I have to watch it over and over now to feel I’ve caught up!

    it’s beautiful, Robert.

    can I come live inside your head for awhile? you see things so beautifully.

  13. 13 duncan

    lovely moment,
    and my sense of voyeurism is tweaked,
    a mixture of guilt and friendship when i watch this!

  14. 14 Rupert

    transcendent and entrancing.
    you are the king.
    what’s the music?

  15. 15 Robert

    The music is Astor Piazzolla’s Finale (Tango Apasionado) from the album The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night (Tango Apasionado).

  16. 16 Jimmy CraicHead

    My first memory of being in a Paris subway in 1981 remains quite clear. We met a black fellow who was telling us in French that all humans bleed red.

  17. 17 Daniel

    tiny economic stories. that’s everything.

  18. 18 gurdonark


    So much of the story in any tale arises from what we edit, and what we focus upon. These filters–often mental as well as visual–add so much richness and also so much definition to any visual.

  19. 19 heath

    Not sure what else I can add,….your canvas is life, moments captured and then shared with the world….an artist in every sense of the word….your video’s should be art galleries…you are a gifted, gifted man……

  20. 20 sull

    i watched this twice. now just realized puter was on mute.
    enjoying it with music now…
    either way, very nice.

  21. 21 Gabriel

    Just as expected : brilliant !

  22. 22 kath

    Robert I’m missing seeing more of your videos - pls post some more if you have time. in the meantime I’m enjoying your existing videos again :)

  23. 23 Bob Kohn

    Hello Robert ! See you soon (Vidéoformes)

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