Night Impromptu


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  1. 1 Loiez

    Fantastic footage. One of your best.

  2. 2 kath

    stunningly ethereal. I felt their loss & hope it passes. loved how you surrounded them with the love & vibes of passerbys. reminded me of celestine prophesy energy flows

    so glad to see a new video from you too!! :)

  3. 3 Rupert

    the whole idea of text commenting seems clumsy after that. and i don’t mind waiting six months for a video from you, if this is what you give us in the end.

  4. 4 Krystian

    Really gorgeous moments in time. You have so much substance in your work.


  5. 5 Suna

    ….A great video !Thanks !

  6. 6 Will

    your videos create these little openings onto vast emotional worlds that we normally pass by. as usual, great art Mr. Croma.

  7. 7 Derek

    I’m stunned… and awed.

    It resonates so many emotions and levels for me.

    Thank you.

  8. 8 mark

    exquisite. the blinking eyes and the hand-pat on the shoulder…poetic. your pieces are like jewels, thoughtful, contemplative, suggestive and beautiful. thank you.

  9. 9 sam

    a warm, touching moment,
    slowed and lasting,
    in the midst of passing
    by’s then, bygone
    again: away

    a heartfelt presence;
    mind and mater zoomed,
    groomed in frame:
    so croma clear

    thank you, again
    so very much

  10. 10 michael szpakowski

    Robert - you’re the Victor Erice of videoblogging. Frustratingly small output for those of us who love your work, but forgiven each time for the absolutely exquisite quality of each new piece.
    Here it’s not simply the fact that it’s moving - it’s the *work* that you’ve done with the images to underscore the affect (and although I’m green with envy at the way you handle the frame by frame *stuff* of the image [if it was film I’d say the *materiality* of the image and I’m still tempted to say it] what you do is never tainted by showiness; it seems logical once one’s seen it but damned if I can begin to imagine how you think of it, except by, I guess, an *extraordinary* sensitivity to both the emotional truth of a situation and the visual possibilities present in your capturing of it, *plus* simply great technical chops).

  11. 11 Levan

    never seen such an amazing video art. I felt so much….

  12. 12 jay dedman

    Not just to see the moment, but to also be present enough to record it.

  13. 13 gurdonark

    A haunting central image–moving photographs, animated stills, real life placed on film. Digifish makes great samples, and this one is used wisely here.

  14. 14 Mike Moon

    Way to go Robert. Always nice to see you keep producing videos.

  15. 15 rob parrish


    Thanks so much for the new video. Moving. And, what a beautiful surface it has. You really are a master at maximizing the potential of an inherently low rez medium. As always, I look forward to you next video!


  16. 16 GoGen

    Enjoyed this fantastic atmosphere and can’t find any more words for the comment beyond that. Very deep. Thanks.

  17. 17 Josh Leo

    I love the graininess of this video. The muted colors and glow really make the two hugging appear almost ghost-like. Very beautiful.

  18. 18 Dave H.

    As close to transcendent as anything I’ve ever seen you do. So good to see you posting again. You’re a hero, Robert.

  19. 19 Verdi

    Just past half-way there is a moment that just kills me. Beautiful.

  20. 20 Cheryl

    I am utterly undone.

  21. 21 PaulD

    A video with tangible emotion. Well done.

  22. 22 Tommy Oshima

    another piece that makes me completely speechless.

  23. 23 Tommy Oshima

    I watched this short piece again and again for this couple of days, and it gives me some emotional conclusion. I want to thank you for this rich experience of life.
    I’m sure this film will stay in my heart for several decades.

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