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  1. 1 David


  2. 2 Loiez

    Fantastic work ! Fantastic dream ! Each of your latest videos is your masterpiece? Congrats my friend. You share hope !

  3. 3 Rupert

    what a dream.
    what colours.
    what light.
    and i like the way it progresses.
    like ballard dreaming of kubrick, as told in seance to croma.

  4. 4 sam

    a (re)fined global and quasi local [evolution] equation of extreme presence: light deflection, gravitational time delay, orbital effects, the relativity of direction, geodetic precession and frame dragging: another stunning croma cosmology, condensed, elastic.

  5. 5 Derek

    Thanks, bloody bloody great. A real inspiration.

    Totally amazing. Reminded me (but even surpassed) the stargate sequence from Kubrick’s 2001. Both pieces start from the outsider looking at humanity and then depart to an outside/inside realm that really makes you focus internally. Whoa!

    You’re an artist.

  6. 6 kath

    wow, you make the videos I can only dream of making. I’ve tried to get travel footage to look like that but can’t manage it. you definitely have the eye & the touch! I think you should come to Aus one day and teach the Croma style :)

  7. 7 John Coffey

    Always a treat to see the other side of my silliness. Not like your morning Philly subway ride,

  8. 8 Brook

    Gorgeous and provocative.

  9. 9 Josh Leo

    Trains have always been one of those topics that make great songs, poems, and videos. The moving landscape that could be stared at for hours shoots by at over a hundred miles per hour. Strangers sitting as close as family, sleeping in each others presence to both make time pass quicker and to avoid interaction.

    What kind of camera are you using for these? the DOF is great and your color tweaking really enhances the video.

  10. 10 Clintus


  11. 11 Will

    This one knocked me out. Even after a cup of coffee. Stunning in conception and execution.

  12. 12 Verdi

    Cameras are becoming unimportant - many cell phones are good enough. It’s always about what you show and how you show it.

  13. 13 Cheryl

    You may have to start making these a little shorter as I tend to hold my breath through the entire film. Came out of this one gasping after a long, deep, exhale.

    No, don’t make them shorter. If one of your films is the last thing I ever see, I’ll be happy, and there could be no smoother transition.

  14. 14 PaulD

    What a trip! It’s beautiful.

  15. 15 Heath

    Whenever I watch a video by you…I am in awe. How you see the world around you and are able to show that. It’s simply beautiful, stunning, amazing and many other words that escape me at the moment. There are people who make video and there are people make art, you are an artist in every sense of the word.

    I wish I had an ounce of your talent, your way of looking at things….you are gifted Robert, truly gifted

  16. 16 Jen's class

    Trippy. Awesome. An interesting perspective. Liked the effects. Bittersweet. The field was pretty.

  17. 17 Toggydubnus

    Very 2001: A Space Odyssey ish. I like the way the photo slowly evolves so that the central portion becomes the black obelisk, emerging from reality into the psychedelic light show before revealing the reality of the train window and re-birth (the bright blue sky outside).
    Tony B

  18. 18 Iva Mechkunova

    Dear Mr Croma,

    I’m writing you on the behalf of Impakt Festival, The Netherlands. Do you have a personal email where I can possibly ask you for some details about your work. Thank you!

    Iva Mechkunova

  19. 19 Tommy Oshima

    Incredible work of art.
    This short piece took brought me out to a journey in lightspeed, just like David Bowman beyond the stargate.
    My respect.

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