La Descente



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  1. 1 Mike Moon

    Wonderful. Good to see you make another post.

  2. 2 Loiez

    Je suis sans voix !
    C’est peut-être ta plus belle oeuvre

  3. 3 Sam

    worth waiting (almost) a year!

    a work of such integrity and intense compassion
    in times of constant surveilance…

    in their condensed, slowed haste, few did seem to notice your gaze;
    yet, you have seen each and all of the descendants

    a timeless piece of observation
    beautifully framed and evening-standard time-tagged

    thank you !!!!

  4. 4 daniel


    are we up there with you?

    down there with them?


    i’m going with both. i think that’s why it works so well.

    thanks for this beauty.

  5. 5 Adrian Miles

    See for some notes. Always elegant.

  6. 6 Krystian Morgan

    I feel like a hundred different thoughts went through my head whilst watching this. It was very cathartic and a release for me that is very much appreciated.


  7. 7 Michael Szpakowski

    Wonderful! Quite, quite beautiful and of a surface simplicity only achievable by those who could, if they wanted to, make something much more showy, but choose not to. Some, also, would have been tempted to make it shorter (not trusting the viewer or perhaps their own powers). Some would have maybe edited out the folk who return the camera’s gaze -tidied up- but it’s in that fragile & awkward balance between those who plough onwards and downwards and those who look back either blankly or knowingly, and the length of time this happens that much of the richness, the huge return to the attentive viewer, lie. Don’t make us wait a year for the next one Robert!

  8. 8 mark

    ah, robert…so lovely. a sweet piece of work. you see the beauty in things unconsidered by most of us. always an inspiration. i loved the instances of people looking directly into the camera, it was like punctuation in the flow of writing, with a good deal of variety. hope you’re well, have missed you and these visual/audio jewels…

  9. 9 Jen

    A tribute to Standish Lawder, Robert? I actually love the parts where people acknowledge the camera - unlike Lawder’s “Necrology,” we live in a world now where we are aware of cameras everywhere, and although we remain suspicious, we go about our lives despite their presence. And some are oblivious because they’re distracted by their own electronic device, surveying the news or email or whatever other form of electronic eavesdropping they’re into. I think this is a lovely comment on modernity, especially as an echo of Lawder’s piece.

  10. 10 kath

    stunning. I kept waiting for someone to stand still and let the others continue on around them. interesting to see only some looked up - maybe they felt the morphogenetic fields of the eye (future eyes of ours, the viewers?) watching them

  11. 11 Cheryl


  12. 12 PaulD

    Hauntingly beautiful with every upward gaze.
    At long last…Croma

  13. 13 Will

    Just speechless.
    You grasp this black box of cinema like so few.
    The art is in where to position the eye/lens so that we really see.
    Inspiring Robert!

  14. 14 sull

    i might as well have been there, observing the downward motion of faces in the crowd.

  15. 15 Zé Nuno

    Hi Robert,
    Hadn’t seen this video of yours. It’s amazing as always!
    There are so many things i like about it: the angle from where we see provokes all kinds of feelings towards the passing people. they seem to be falling or even walking looking down in a strangely “humble” way. the different ways of walking. the hesitations. the different looks.
    Great movie. It’s so magnetic that you can’t stop viewing it and at the same time you definitely feel like you are a voyeur on these people moments. :)

  16. 16 Elizabeth Sardari-Kermani

    This is truly beautiful.

  17. 17 Gurdonark

    All those lives, captured in faces and clothes and newpapers and a gentle sway of movement.
    The young lad in the perambulator has before him all destinies, step by step by step.

  18. 18 Brigitte Costa-Léardée

    Et tout ça descend, oui tous descendent, mais où? Magnifique cette descente comme une lente danse… aux enfers? Personne ne sourit ou alors comme en fraude. On y rencontre un ou deux regards qui croisent le notre,on s’engouffre, on s’enfourne….infiniment.
    Très beau.

  19. 19 JF CANTIN

    Mr Croma,
    with this sublime video we understand that we are in this world together, going down in our plane of reality to a better one eventually.
    thank you

    with the friendship I reserve only for you and that I hope you will accept
    wish you the very truly best

    ps also we must beware of falling bottle

  20. 20 sig

    En parfaite résonance avec 2012

  1. 1 Affective Slowness, the Web Films of Robert Croma (preprint) at

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